Zhejiang Yong Yang Technology Co., Ltd., located in "China's capital city" - Zhejiang Yueqing economic development zone. The company is to undertake various types of electronic products OEM, ODM design and processing of the manufacturers, for all large and medium-sized enterprises to provide production services and technical support. After years of accumulation of experience, the company successfully transformed into a research and development, design, manufacture, service in one of the energy metering products of the national high-tech enterprises. The company has modern production equipment and inspection equipment. In the process of rapid development, the company continued to increase investment, focus on the introduction and cultivation of talents, and strive to improve the quality of the staff, making the production process and advanced technology standards, the implementation of lean production, to ensure product quality and reliable.
The company mainly produces: single, three-phase electronic energy meter; single, three-phase 485 communication ammeter; single phase and three phase carrier meter; single, three-phase prepaid power meter; three-phase multifunctional electric energy meter, digital display meter, electric meter box, transformer, mechanical heat meter, ultrasonic heat meter ultrasonic water meter, intelligent water meter.
The rapid development of the company in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2008 quality management system operation, the establishment of a good after-sales service system, we always adhere to the excellent quality, excellent service based on real. Products in favor of domestic colleagues, exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other places, won the majority of customer recognition and praise. The company will provide customers with better quality products and services, and you create brilliant.



As Heaven keeps vigor through movement, a gentleman should unremittingly practice self-improvement.!
When the pace of time quietly forward, and the Chaoyang and the stream of people reveals the land shining vitality, young Yong Yang, like a thick warriors, each part of the body to store enough power, standing in the glorious era change and challenge the threshold, I always want to play it in the first term, I think this is what we have been adhering to the essence of enterprise: standing the place to the distance, Yongwangzhiqian, high.
There is no denying the fact that Yong Yang is young, but because he is young so it is full of infinite possibilities, in the fierce competition in the market situation, Yong Yang Technology adhere to the "people-oriented, customer first, integrity and pragmatic, innovation" business philosophy, dedicated to every subtle part of work, in the rapid development of display skills to the full city construction, won widespread recognition and support of leaders at all levels and all sectors of society, has been successful again and again, in fact, in the face of opportunities and challenges, and the ideal human Yong Yang fight, dare be a person first, forge into, with a full of innovative spirit and the concept of the development of song, manifest soaring heroic feelings.
Red orange yellow green blue purple, who hold ribbons in the sky? When we stand on the world stage, a rainbow when we are lucky enough to build an ideal city, we will abide by is a practice to the responsibility of a permanent Yang people will always abide by the "quality, build quality, entrepreneurial Yong Yang, social service" spirit of enterprise, I have sure, hard work to create brilliant. China has been played, and on dancing.



For each employee to provide a broad space for development, so that the cohesion and centripetal force can be greatly improved. In the production and management, with the staff as the center, to carry out a wide range of cultural activities, regular staff training for professional skills, so that the entire career of employees in the scientific planning of continuous growth.


Innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for the development of science and technology. In the process of development, we always adhere to the "concept of innovation, technological innovation and management innovation" principle, to seize the market of high technology, quality service to win the trust of customers, realize the maximization of enterprise value and customer.


Service is the concentrated embodiment of the overall quality of enterprises. Yong Yang science and technology promise 100% sincerity, the quality of the 100%, the 100% service, the customer's needs and opinions as the work goal, so that customer service has become the conscious behavior of each employee and potential awareness.

The company will be happy to provide customers with better quality products and services, and you create brilliant
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